What is Real Estate?

Real estate investment is the practice of purchasing, owning, managing, renting or selling of real estate properties with primary objective of generating income, capital appreciation or both. In simple it is any piece of land, building or any other tangible asset that can be transferred to earn income or profit. Real estate is a significant and diverse sector that plays a crucial role in the development of the economy of a nation.

Classifications of Real Estate

Real estate can take various forms depending on how they are used, its characteristics and purposes. Below are some of the different classifications of real estate:

  1. Residential Real Estate: It refers to those houses which are used for residential purposes. It includes those houses which are newly built and those to be resold by the owner.
  2. Commercial Real Estate: It refers those properties which are used or rented for businesses and other commercial purposes.
  3. Industrial Real Estate: It refers to those properties that are used for manufacturing purposes, warehousing or distribution purposes.
  4. Agricultural Real Estate: It refers to those lands that are used for farming, cultivation and agricultural production.
  5. Mixed-use: These refer to those properties which are used together for residential and commercial purposes.

Why do we Invest in Real Estate?

Real estate investment comes with a variety of features which distinguish itself as an investment class. With the rise in demand for real estate properties, real estate investments have become a good investment option. Investing in real estate is attractive for several reasons and following are some of the common reasons people choose to invest in real estate:

  • Increase/Appreciation of Value: Real estate properties over time have the potential to increase its value. This increase in value can be due to economic growth, increase in demand, etc.
  • Stable Income Generation: By renting real estate properties for residential and commercial purposes stable and steady income can be generated.
  • Control over the Asset: Real estate investment allows physical control over the asset, allowing investors to improve or renovate the property as and when needed.
  • Long-term Wealth Building: Real estate is often considered as a long term investment. Over time investors can build wealth from it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Real Estate Investing

Increase in value over timeNeed a big down payment
Financing- Can get loans on the propertyHuge maintenance and management
Less volatileIt isn’t liquid-It takes time to convert the real estate property into cash
Financial securityManaging rental isn’t easy


Real estate has historically proven to be a stable investment. In conclusion, real estate provides a great opportunity for individuals seeking to build wealth, generate income and diversify their investment portfolios. Investors aspiring to invest in real estate market should do it after considering all the pros and cons of it. While the advantages of real estate investment are significant, it is equally important to recognize and consider the disadvantages and challenges that are along with it.

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